Noelle Industries, Urethane and Acrylic Products

Noelle Industries, Inc. manufactures High Performance Urethane and Acrylic Products. These are some of our most popular urethanes and acrylics, but we can create a customized material for your application. Click on a product number to see Data Sheet for viewing and printing or click a link below, in the product descriptions, to go to our glossary.

807 – 58 A two component (A + B), room temperature cure, Urethane mold making material.

808 – 13 A two component (A + B), Flame retardant, low coefficient of thermal expansion, Urethane potting compound.

808 – 46-30 A two component (A + B) off-white urethane for bonding and encapsulation of electronics in the telecommunications industry.

808 – 48 A two component (A + B), room temperature cure, flexible, high performance urethane adhesive.

808 – 55 A two component (A + B), room temperature cure, very flexible, high performance urethane adhesive.

904 – 40 A two component, acrylic adhesive used for bonding of magnets, motor parts, and loud speaker components. The proper selection of resin and activator can insure a high performance system.

904 – 45 A low viscosity, modified methacrylate adhesive system, which has good toughness, strength, temperature and solvent resistance. The proper selection of resin and activator can insure a high performance system.