Noelle Industries, Ultraviolet Cureable Adhesives

Noelle Industries, Inc. manufactures High Performance UV Cured Products(curable by ultraviolet light). These are some of our most popular UV cures, but we can create a custom formulation for you. Click on a product number to see Data Sheet for viewing and printing.

804 – 18 A one component, ultraviolet cured adhesive and encapsulent with a heat post cure that will cure shadowed areas. This provides excellent adhesion to glass, plastics and metals, high chemical and solvent resistance, low cure shrinkage and good flexibility.

905 – 11 A one component clear, UV Cured, sealing adhesive for PVC, polycarbonate, polyester,and most engineering plastics. Excellent cure depth and long shelf life at room temperature.

905 – 12 A one component, UV / Visible Light curable plastic adhesive that bonds to a variety of substrates including polycarbonate, PVC, and polyester and most engineering plastics. with excellent cure depth even under low intensity UV lamps and has a long shelf life at room temperature.