Noelle Custom Materials for Original Product Manufacturing

Noelle Industries, Inc. is a leader in the manufacture of High Performance Specialty Adhesives, Encapsulants, Conductives, Coatings &c. The products listed are some of our most popular original materials, but our passion lies in creating a custom formulation specifically for you application. Click on a product number to see Data Sheet for viewing and printing. Feel free to contact us with any questions toll free at 800-698-6745

804 – 24 A one component thermally conductive grease “heat sink” paste with good insulation properties.

804 – 37 A two component (A + B) stainless steel filled, thixotropic, room temperature curing, epoxy putty used in food or medical industries.

804 – 40 A two component (A + B) mineral filled, thixotropic, room temperature curing, epoxy putty used as a wet surface putty.

804 – 42 A two component (A + B) mineral filled, thixotropic, room temperature curing, epoxy putty that is designed to operate at high temperature for short periods of time.

804 – 44 A two component (A + B) steel filled, thixotropic, room temperature curing, epoxy putty for general purpose metal repairs.

804 – 53 A two component (A + B) aluminum filled, room temperature curing, pourable liquid for crack and gap filling repairs.

804 – 54 A two component (A + B) aluminum filled, thixotropic, room temperature curing, epoxy putty version of 804-53

804 – 80 A two component (A + B) bronze filled, thixotropic, room temperature curing, epoxy putty used in the foundry and boat industries.

807 – 08 A two component (A + B) ceramic carbide filled, room temperature curing, wear resistant compound used in areas that require high abrasion resistance.

807 – 68 A steel epoxy stick is used to make fast repairs to mechanical equipment and piping. It will patch leaking pipes, holes and cracks or mend almost any thing made of metal, wood, glass, masonry, ceramic and plastic.

807 – 70 An aluminum epoxy stick version of 807-68 that seals leaks and repairs gouges in aluminum, wood, fiberglass, concrete, and ceramics. It hardens in less five minutes and can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded or painted like metal.

808 – 49 A two component (A + B), convenient 1:1 mix ratio, transparent, self-priming silicone sealant.

904- 43- 1 A two component (A + B) ,heat cured silicone potting compound featuring easy air release properties and minimal shrinkage along with superior adhesion to a variety of substrates.